ITC 110 Syllabus

Course Title and Number

ITC 110 Programming Fundamentals




TTH 10:00 AM until 12:15 PM

and MW 3:30 PM to 5:50 PM



Course Overview

This course provides a hands-on introduction to basic object oriented programming concepts and structures using a current programming language such as C# or Java


Students with documented disabilities requesting class accommodations, requiring special arrangements in case of building evacuation, or have emergency medical information the instructor should know about are asked to contact the disability support services office (DSS) in Rm. 1112. Once the disability is verified with DSS you will be given a letter of accommodation that should be to handed to your instructor.


Steve Conger

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Educational Philosopy

The pre-Socratic Philosopher Heraklitos said, "it rests by changing." By this he meant that the normal state of things is constant change. This has never been more true than today. Though, the course focuses on particular software, it has a broader purpose: Software changes constantly. The most important skills to learn, are the techniques for learning new skills, new software, and learning how to generalize the skills you've learned in order to apply them to new situations. These are the skills that will keep you afloat in stream of constantly changing technology.

Student Outcomes and competencies

Methods of Instruction

There will be lecture and "code along" sessions to convey concepts and provide examples. There will also be open lab time in which you can work on assignments with my help. There will be weekly quizzes, a midterm and a final.


I am not ordering any book, but I will make a list of recommended references.

Assignments and Schedule

All assignments will be posted on the class web site. I will give each one a grade from 0 to 4. If you do not like the grade you can redo the assignment to achieve a better grade. I will also make several practices available. I will not grade them, but they can be used as extra credit (worth 1 point each) to make up for quiz or test scores.

Topical Outline and Assignments

This outline is subject to change, expecially since I am, at this time, unsure of what operating system and version of Visual studio we will be using

Week One

Introduction to Programming and C#. Assignment 1

Week Two

Variables, Constants, methods and scope. Assignment 2

Week Three

Branching statements, selection. Assignment 3

Week Four

Repition structures, compound operators. Assignment 4

Week Five. Midterm

Introduction to classes and Object oriented concepts

Week six

Classes and properties, constructors, class methods. Assignment 5

Week Seven

summary so far.

Week Eight

Windows Presentation Foundation. Assignment 6

Week Nine

ASP.Net, web pages. Assignment 7

Week Ten

Review for Final

Week Eleven


Grading and Attendence

I don't grade on attendence, but attendence is important. We cover new material every class period. Your final grade, as described above, will be an average of your assignments, the quizzes, the midterm and final. The midterm will be weighted as two assignments and the final as 3.

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